What’s This?

Welcome to Our Darkest Hours. In this blog there will be no shortage of human tragedy. You have been warned.

This is a crime blog that I’ve set up for one purpose only: to give shocking crimes a voice of their own. Violent crimes interest me greatly, and I think there are many important lessons that we can learn from those who have gone down darker paths.

This site serves not just as an archive of information on crime, but also as a memorial for the victims. On this blog only pictures of the victims when they were alive are featured, because I want everyone to remember them as they were when they lived, not how as they were when they died.

I am no professional journalist or crime reporter, merely someone who is trying to inform and enlighten the general public. In my posts I will also include my personal opinions, feelings and thoughts.

Feel free to browse as much or as little as you like. If you ever feel emotionally drained or have a dark cloud hanging over you after reading about all the violence death, please close the page and have a cup of coffee/tea/your favourite beverage. And then go watch some TV programmes, preferably the kind that makes you laugh. God knows we all need some light in such times.

Whenever you’re ready.



Any Thoughts?

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